Cudahy Wisconsin Restaurants

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Applebee's Neighborhood Grill is located at 3704 Highland Zoo , the telephone number is 262 - 284 - 9006 And it's on the corner of Highland Drive and Highland Avenue, north of Applebee's.

The only restaurant in the area is just one mile from downtown Kenosha and on the corner of Highland Drive and Highland Avenue, north of Applebee's.

The Outback Steakhouse is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack or late night dinner. There is a Miss Katie's Diner on the corner of Highland Drive and Highland Avenue, north of Applebee's, and it is the perfect place for a quick lunch or late dinner.

Driftwood Restaurant & Lounge is not only a tavern, but also a bar & pub, steakhouse and bar club. The Kaminrestaurant and Kaminstube, although it is a lounge, are also an Applebee's, a bar and restaurant, as well as a café and bar.

Even taking into account the waiting time, it's a tasty burger worth the $9.75 tip. The burger joint costs at least $3 for double, but includes a wide selection of specialties such as burgers, sandwiches, salads, fries and more. While the speciality burgers on the bar menu give them an advantage due to the originality of the menu, they are not the purpose of the Lakeside pub to give customers exactly what they want.

Given that the community is not exactly famed for its restaurants to this point, it is surprising that two Cudahy companies are making bold claims to be the best and are shooting each other in the foot. It could be that both have snooty customers who flock to the store because they speak Umami. When asked for their thoughts on the signage for the Lakeside pub, they replied:

Even more brazen in their claims is the fact that before the opening of the Cudahy Burger Joint I was confronted with the question of whether I should even enter and look at this young establishment. The word "joint," which implies a place of business, is deliberately chosen and does not make a decision. I liked the burgers, not to mention the beer, the fries and the hot dogs, but I have to tell you I cut my fries in half, which definitely gave my opinion on the free site a boost.

The Lakeside Pub, which is nothing more than a burger-serving bar, followed suit, and the new burger and malt shop promises to come back to build the best burgers I've ever had. The burgers come in medium with juicy pies and various toppings, which are piled high and pressed into soft slices on a brioche bun. They are freshly prepared and the fries arrive in their place after being placed within reach of an order from a typical burger joint order. On Monday, when I stopped by for lunch, I was fried with onions and jalapenos and then fried a second time, this time with a side of bacon.

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More About Cudahy