Cudahy Wisconsin Museums

Wisconsin has a lot of history and there are a few museums with free admission to Kenosha, so make sure you do your homework and enjoy these fantastic deals for a whole day. So plan to visit these 10 best museums from across Wisconsin for informative and fun weekend activities.

Most small towns have historical societies and local museums, so you should also check them out. These include the Wisconsin Historical Society in Kenosha and the half-fiber arts museum in nearby Cedarburg. And last but not least, the Wisconsin Museum of Quilting, which is free to visit!

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Colleges in Cudahy, which are just a short drive away, include the University of Wisconsin-Madison, UW-Milwaukee and the Wisconsin State College of Art and Design.

Green Bay is home to the Wisconsin State College of Art and Design, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and UW-Milwaukee. Secure is located in Cudahy under the numbers 715 - 359 - 7002 or 866 - 500 - 1147 or Storage 101.

Madison is home to the Capitol and the state's flagship university, and Wis. Eisenhower West is ranked as one of the top ten public museums in the country. Similarly, the Milwaukee Public Museum has been informing and entertaining downtown visitors for generations. The Wisconsin State College of Art and Design and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee are dedicated to fifteen outdoor sculptures that honor outstanding individuals connected with the heritage and citizens of Milwaukee and highlight historical issues that are important to the development of the region.

For more information about the Wisconsin State College of Art and Design and the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, visit their websites and Facebook pages.

The Ethnology Department of the Wisconsin State College of Art and Design collects 1,976 ethnological objects representing ten different ethnic groups. The permanent members are Milwaukee-based businessman and philanthropist Robert E. Schmitt and his wife, Irene, and their two children, John and Irving.

Ginny Knight manages the program by selling art by Wisconsin artists to businesses and individuals, with all proceeds going to help the museum in its work. Since then, she has submitted proposals for exhibitions with Wisconsin artists to the Milwaukee Art Museum staff at least twice, including in 2010 at the Wisconsin State College of Art and Design's Wisconsin Biennial jury show. We hope this will be the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Wisconsin art and art history in Milwaukee.

During her time at the Milwaukee Public Museum, Akeley moved to the Wisconsin Biennial, where she directed the jury show of the Wisconsin State College of Art and Design. The Milwaukee Art Museum's decision to go the extra mile and focus specifically on eliminating the Cudahy Wisconsin program was intended to offend Wisconsin artists. She mentioned that she has seen a lack of focus in terms of conditions in Wisconsin. Censky said there would be no more exhibitions of Milwaukee artists in the museum's permanent collection and only a limited number of exhibitions.

It is important that artists feel supported by the institutions, she said. Just down the street from the Milwaukee Art Museum is the Wisconsin State College of Art and Design, which hosts the Cudahy Wisconsin Biennial.

Big Blue Boxes have been having a good time at the Cudahy Wisconsin Biennial at the Wisconsin State College of Art and Design. Conveniently located at 2701 Packers Ave., 53704, it is just a few blocks from the Milwaukee Art Museum and the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

On game days, the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) provides bus service from downtown Milwaukee and surrounding neighborhoods to Miller Park. Buses also run to and from the Cudahy Wisconsin Biennial, including special shuttles for summer events at the lake.

For first-class airport transportation, the Milwaukee International Airport Express (MIA) and Milwaukee County Airport Authority (WMATA) offer direct flights to and from the Cudahy Wisconsin Biennial and other events. A better choice, the Royal Limousine, is available for trips to the Biennale and other museums, events and events in the area.

Amtrak's Hiawatha train offers seven daily round trips between Milwaukee and Chicago. Find your way here either in both directions from the Westin Milwaukee Downtown or plan your vacation with transportation options.

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More About Cudahy