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Last September, we told you about the upcoming - of - Old Music Places and Mini Arcades in Cudahy, Wisconsin, where the first - ever Milwaukee - music festival is taking place, the Wisconsin Music Festival, and told the story of the city and its emergence as a music location with a mini arcade. It is a classic corporate town, founded in the late 19th century when industrialist Patrick Cuddy bought 700 acres to create a new community named after him, where he could settle and avoid taxes from Milwaukee. The local ownership was lost in 1984 when the company was sold to a Chinese conglomerate, which in turn was bought by WH Group Ltd., the parent company of Waukesha, Wisc., one of the largest and most successful companies in Wisconsin.

In a news release shared with Urban Milwaukee, the Cudahy Health Department says 503 employees at the facility were tested over a five-day period starting April 24. Some 6,500 staff have contracted the virus and have missed work since being quarantined, with some still showing symptoms or waiting for tests. The Sioux Falls plant's workforce is about 2,000, or about one-third of the workforce, according to the Department of Health. A May 1 statement said: "The CUDAHY Department of Health announced on May 1 that 85 employees at Patrick's Cudiy plant tested positive for COVID-19, double the number reported by FOX6 News on April 15.

Workers were not given face masks until mid-April, many of whom had already tested positive. The Cudahy factory allowed its employees to bring their own masks, the Health Ministry statement said.

Since taking over the space, Woods said, the group has patched holes in the walls, replaced missing floorboards, installed new fixtures, repaired the siding and roof, repainted the interior, updated plumbing and electrical installations and updated plumbing, electrical and plumbing systems. In addition to the functional improvements to the building, his company also brought along around 15 slot machines.

In addition to the playing facilities, it is well suited for all kinds of live entertainment, and Woods said that while a limited number of events are available for the Cudahy Wisconsin event spaces, they are still looking for the type of event in the room. Meanwhile, Woods and his colleagues seem to be just beginning to bring back some of the old buildings. There has been much talk about the possibility of pulling out of some of these projects, but there is no official word yet on any plans for a possible reopening.

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More About Cudahy

More About Cudahy